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General Dentistry Hialeah - Miami Lakes, Fl.

As a primary dental care practice, Oak Springs Dental caters to the whole family's dental needs with a caring, professional and experienced staff. Primary dental care, also referred to as general dentistry is a type of dentistry that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of conditions, disorders and diseases that affect your gums and teeth.

We pride ourselves on providing a modern, technologically advanced dental facility that offers true personalized dental care. As a provider of many specialized dental services, as a practice, we cannot emphasize the importance of our primary dental care services. These services include but are not limited to routine dental exams and cleanings, as well as more complex dental procedures like periodontal maintenance, fillings and root canals. It is these basic procedures along with good dental hygiene the best way to assure a long-lasting dental health.

What does a general dental visit consist of?

Our general dentistry services cover a range of procedures but it all starts with the initial consultation. Whether you are a new patient or an existing one the process begins with a diagnostics. This usually consist of a visual inspection followed by a more advanced diagnostic such as x-rays to identify the current state of your dental health. It is based on this examination that we can recommend adequate treatment. For those who follow scheduled routine dental exams and cleanings along with good dental hygiene practices at home, this visit are nothing more a routine cleaning.