Sedation Dentistry at Oak Springs Dental in Miami Lakes

Light Sedation Dentistry at Oak Springs Dental in Miami Lakes

Our teeth has some very sensitive nerves capable of generating acute pain. This is why so many people cringe at the thought of going to the dentist. Today, cosmetic and restorative dentistry can get quite costly. However, regular dental visit are a way to maintaining a good dental health and address problems before they become an issue requiring a cosmetic or restorative procedure such as a root canal.

This is why Dr. Jose Talavera at Oak Springs Dental became a sedation dentistry specialist. The fact is that you are not alone when it comes to stressing out about going to the dentist. Studies and surveys have shown that more than 80% of Americans have some type of reservation when it comes to going to the dentist.

At Oak Springs Dental you can get the dental care you need without the stress, anxiety and discomfort associated with dental visits.

Sedation dentistry is an effective and safe procedure approved by the FDA. However, there are many types of sedation ranging from relax, pain free with NOS gas to more aggressive intravenous sedation (or i.v. sedation). At Oak Springs Dental we specialize in providing nitrous oxide sedation.

Nitrous Oxide (N20) is an odorless gas administered by inhalation and widely used as an anesthetic not only in the dental industry but in medical applications as well for more than 150 years. With nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas), you will fall into a deep relax pain free state. Unlike other more aggressive sedation methods like intravenous sedation (or i.v. sedation) with nitrous oxide sedation you would not get knocked out or put to sleep. You will remain responsive and conscious (and pain free) at all times and this why so many people prefer nitrous oxide sedation dentistry over other types of more invasive types of sedation dentistry.